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Apparel Technical Design & Production Lab.



The Apparel Technical Design & Production Lab studies the entire garment design and production process, including body shapes and sizes, garment pattern development, fitting, sewing, and apparel product evaluation. We also train advanced professionals for the apparel industry and academia. By analyzing somatology and clothing construction research data, we integrate high technology into a new perspective for the apparel industry. We focus on functional and morphological factors of the body to suggest optimized apparel production systems and seek both aesthetic and scientific principles for well-fitted garments. ​ To improve industrial technology and develop academic knowledge from ergonomics research, the lab carries out industrial-educational cooperation with apparel companies or government agencies. The lab has participated in the Size Korea project since 1997, which is sponsored by the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS), to represent mass-customization efforts. We have also developed a 3D anthropometric protocol to standardize clothing sizing systems and consistently study the development of ergonomic clothing patterns and fitting evaluation methods. ​ The lab is currently researching the convergence of the clothing industry with IT (information technology) in response to the expansion of the E-commerce market. We are developing a PLM (product lifecycle management) system to meet the need for individual fittings in the market.

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